wheelbase paramotor training

You need a bit more room but no running!

Wheelbase launching is a great option for those pilots who, for whatever reason, decide they don’t want to run to take off. You do lose some of the ultimate portability of our aircraft and you do need a bit more room, but wheels are becoming ever more popular.

One of the very common misconceptions about wheels is that they are easier. They are and they aren’t.

  • The core skillset is the same but you don’t have the physical demands of foot launch. Easier.
  • Your canopy control has to be at a higher level to keep the aircraft level as it leaves the ground. Harder.

On balance learning, one or the other is about the same.

The training follows the same syllabus as Paramotor training but we do need slightly better weather, we can’t change to reverse launch technique for higher wind strengths. On the plus side on a good day, we can get a great deal done without the fatigue factor of foot launch.

We have a Freshbreeze X-One with a Vittorazi Cosmos 300 available for hire for wheelbase training.

Wheelbase $127.85 per flight hour wet hire.
Paraglider wings $27.50 per flight hour.
Both motor and wing hire is subject to availability and T&C’s apply.