Paramotor Tandem flights

A great way to find out what it’s all about

Knowsley Airpark can take you on a tandem trial introductory flight and conducts ab initio training on the Freshbreeze X-Light Paramotor wheelbase flying under Niviuk’s R-Bus. There can be no better way for aspiring pilots to experience flying with a Paramotor, or even for current pilots to share with family and friends the indescribable feeling of flying and sense of freedom a Paramotor can bring.

It’s up to you how you enjoy the flight, sit back and relax soaking in the view or take the controls and give it a go, it’s your choice.

We also use the X-Light for the dual seat training portion of the course. You will take the controls to practice

  • low and moderate level banking turns
  • pitch and roll control
  • climbing and descending turns
  • circuit procedures
  • glides approaches
  • Flare timing

all while having the support and safety of having a highly experienced pilot up there with you to guide you through the maneuvers.