Recreational pilots certificate

When you want to fly further, faster & in a wider range of conditions

Your Recreational Pilots certificate

Learning to fly is an exciting journey. From your trial introductory flight (TIF) to your first solo, passing your theory exams, learning to navigate, gaining your pilot certificate, and then taking a friend or loved one with you for the first time and sharing your passion with them. 

Our Foxbat A22LS is the Paramotor of airplanes! The perfect plane for PPG pilots to play in.

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Steps to achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate

Contact us to book a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

Start flying lessons and work towards achieving your first solo flight

Complete the required Recreational Pilot Certificate exams

Continue flight training for the issue of a Recreational Pilot Certificate

Complete a flight test to achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate

Achieve a passenger endorsement to take your friends and family flying!


Less than 2hrs drive from Melbourne, we’re located in Knowsley, Central Victoria.


You can fly solo from the age of 15 and start flight training even earlier.

You can achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate in as little as 20 hours of flight time.

Flying may not be as expensive as you think – You could achieve your pilot certificate for less than $ 5,225. The average cost is around $ 6,500 and competent pilots may own and maintain their own aircraft, significantly lowering costs as well

We have been crunching the numbers and are reducing the cost of dual training to make it as affordable as possible. Our costs are lower operating from our own airfield. With no hanger fees, no landing fees, and no sitting and waiting in queue to take off at a busy airfield, we can pass the savings on to the students.

Investing in technology is one of the keystones in our drive to reduce costs wherever we can. We use our VR simulator to practice skills and procedures without the cost of being in the plane itself. While the time spent in the VR doesn’t count towards your required flight hours, we do find it reduces the number of hours the average student requires in the aircraft overall. The net result is the hourly rate savings of the VR over the plane reduces the total cost of training.

Training days are relaxed and we work at your pace, we find pilots are pretty comfortable doing 1 to 3 hours of airtime in a day. Camping is available onsite if you want to do a couple of days in a row and really immerse yourself in all of the aviation that takes place at Knowsley Airpark.

Flying requires pilots to maintain a medical standard. Recreational Aviation Australia only requires a self-declared driver’s license medical saving you time and money – Some conditions apply but basically, if you can drive a car to the airport you can fly.

Hours flown with Recreational Aviation Australia count towards achieving your recreational or professional goals, whether you want to fly for fun or as a career, the sky really is the limit.


Trial Introductory flight $220

RA Flight training $305 p/h

RA Flight training in your aircraft $135 p/h

Private hire $195 p/h wet