Paramotor wheelbase booking

How it works.

Choose your days and book them in. You can book here up to 90 days in advance but to book further ahead than that contact us directly.

The Freshbreeze X1 can be booked by certified pilots for private hire.

Start with Stage 1 sessions. We will tell you when to move to Stage 2 bookings.

Stage 2 Supervised Solo is for pilots who have finished their theory, have their own gear including comms, get themselves organized to fly, and are just completing their final flight hours. If you need to hire gear in Stage 2 that is fine but Stage 1 bookings will have priority on gear use.

Stage 2 students are charged airtime at $ 89 per flight hour, not for the whole session. There is a minimum 1-hour charge per session. If you fly for half an hour your session fee is $ 89, if you fly for one and a half hours your session fee is $ 89 * 1.5 hours = $ 133.50

Stage 2 students wanting to use the Freshbreeze X1 need to book that as well.

Reserved sessions are used to keep some flexibility in the system. Only book these sessions if we ask you to.

You will receive a reminder email 72 hours before your session.

The morning session starts at first light and runs for up to 4 hours. The afternoon session starts 3 hours before last light. We use the calm weather at each end of the day so you will have some time off in the middle of the day to rest and relax.

Billing policy

Your session will be charged to your nominated card on the day of your session.

Any hire will be added to your base session fee only after you approve the amount.

Any flight time over the minimum Stage 2 charge of one hour will only be charged after you approve the amount.

Cancellation policy – Read this bit

By making this booking you are agreeing that if you cancel with less than 72 hrs’ notice there is a 50% cancellation fee that is automatically applied to the credit card entered when you booked, but even worse it means someone else missed out. This policy means we never overbook to cover no-shows, can always provide the best service possible, and keep the lowest Instructor Student ratios in the industry.

If you don’t turn up without letting us know you will be charged for the whole session.

Pricing policy

The costs of providing training differ between various training sites. Rather than setting a one price fits all we endeavor to keep all of our prices as low as possible and as such you will see slight variations on session charges between the training locations.