Paramotor training moama

For a limited time, Knowsley Airpark is going to offer Paramotor training at Moama airfield.

Training at moama

Training at Moama will be done in three 4-day blocks and one 2-day block over a couple of months. Check the booking calendar with the button below for dates.

We do need 3 students booked to go ahead. When you book we won’t issue you an invoice until 30 days before the course starts. If we don’t have the 3 students booked for the course, unfortunately, it won’t go ahead at Moama but you can always come down to Knowsley.

14 Days of training are included in the course fee. Additional days will be charged at $353 per day on a day-by-day basis.

Course dates –

Block 1 – 14 to 17 April

Block 2 – 12 to 15 May

Block 3 – 2 to 3 June

Block 4 – 23 to 26 June

Training conditions

Unlike Knowsley Airpark, Moama airfield has limited space so there will be times we may need to relocate to Knowsley during the training. If we need to relocate we will let you know the day before.

The Paraglider towing session, usually completed over 2 days will be done at Knowsley Airpark. Towing on a runway is fraught with danger with other aircraft operating so we will do that part in a nice big open paddock.

We will relocate to Knowsley Airpark if –

Wind forecast for either the morning or afternoon session is above 12 kmh.

There is a forecast for rain. Knowsley Airpark is set up with a VR Simulator and equipment to allow us to keep training even on rainy days.

The forecast wind direction is 30 degrees or more off the runway heading.


Check out and for info on costs and booking.

Note – Flexible training, Straight through training, and Stage 2 fees are not offered at Moama. Book Moama Paramotor training. There is also a 10% commission we pay to Adventure Flight Training on your course fees.