Forgotton Valley NSW

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Murry river expedition

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Expeditions – your flying holiday

A lot of pilots ask us about flying further afield, we figure the best way to answer that is to get out there and do it with you. Fun for us and the chance to expand your horizons.

Upcoming dates

18 March – One-day expedition

8 April – One-day expedition ( Easter ) – Fully booked

22 April – Three-day expedition

Who are these trips for

New pilots wanting to gain experience flying away from their home turf.

Experienced pilots who want to explore new places.

Pilots who don’t have a cross-country endorsement but want to fly further.

Pilots unfamiliar with flying out or airports.

Pilots wanting to find and fly with fellow aviators.

Burke and wills Paramotor expedition

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Australia’s Longest Climb

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1-Day expeditions

One-day expeditions are fully supported one-way flights from Knowsley Airpark. Possible destinations, Warranga basin, Turpin falls, Echuca, or wherever the wind gives us our best option.

We will start the day with our main flight to where ever, pick you up and bring you back to the Airpark for a BBQ lunch and maybe a fly here in the evening.

Instructors will be on hand to give you a hand if you need it and a sweep vehicle will follow the last pilot to give you a lift should the need arise.

3-day expedition

Where do we go

Weather is and always will be our greatest challenge whenever we fly Paramotors. Our best bet for dealing with the weather challenge is to go to where the weather is suitable for flying.

Basically, we jump in the car on the first morning of the trip and drive for up to six hours to the most suitable location. On our second day we either stay where we are or relocate, typically to the east to move with the weather system as it travels across the country. On the third day, we fly in the morning and then drive home.

If everything goes to plan we fly our Paramotors on the first evening, morning and evening of the second day, and on the third morning. I

Pilot support

Even though all pilots on the trip are required to be a certified paramotor pilot, Knowsley Airpark instructors will be on the trip to provide support and guidance. This can be a tune-up to your launch technique or a brush-up on VHF radio calls, whatever you feel you might like a hand with.

We will provide a full brief on the flight location before the flight, especially focusing on Airport procedures for anyone who doesn’t fly from an airfield regularly.


Knowsley Airpark will plan the trip based on the weather forecasts, arrange the launch sites and organise accommodation. For pilots traveling in our vehicle, we will transport all of your gear in the expedition trailer.

Meals – Breakfast and dinner are provided, but don’t get too excited. It’s cereal and coffee or tea for breakfast and a light BBQ for dinner. Snag on bread and a salad. Lunches are our main meal, it’s the meal that is easy to organise around flying. Typically it will be a pub meal where we can get something more significant. Lunch is on you.

Fuel and spares – Bring your own fuel and oil, we always have a selection of spare parts you will be welcome to grab if you need, but what we carry is by no means everything you may need.

Charging – The expedition trailer has 12-volt USB charge points.

Camping equipment – Swag or tent is the go and a camp chair is normally a good idea as well. Camping fees are on you, we will free camp if we can or head into a caravan park for an unpowered site.


Most trips will be planned as a 3-day expedition.

There are 2 options

Option 1 – Fully supported in our vehicle with brekkie and dinner for $ 293 per day.

Option 2 – Your vehicle with brekkie and dinner is $ 188 per day

Gear hire

Gear hire is available on these trips. Check with us to see whats available before you book.

T’s and C’s

To make it work we do need minimum numbers on the trip. We need either 2 pilots in our car or 3 pilots in their car or a combination of the 2. If we do have to cancel due to a lack of bookings we will notify everyone 30 days in advance.

While we will do everything we reasonably can do to work around the weather, sometimes it just won’t go our way. Traveling to where the weather is good will dramatically reduce the impact weather has but if it’s just not doable we will make the call 7 days from the departure date.

We are making these trips as affordable as possible to make them available to anyone that wants to come. Make sure you double-check your dates when booking because unfortunately due to how tight the economics are we can not offer refunds. If we need to cancel due to weather there is a 100% refund or you can rebook new dates.