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Non controlled aerodrome clinics

Flying from airfields is something a lot of pilots eventually want to do. When you start traveling and exploring further from home the best launch sites you will ever find are aerodromes. 
 In nearly every other type of aviation, you spend many hours bashing circuits, but due to the nature of our aircraft, it's not really a practical approach for us to conduct training at a busy airport. Subsequently, a lot of PPG pilots finish their training not feeling comfortable or confident enough with airfields to operate at or around them. It's really not that hard though, it just needs a bit of knowledge and practice.
The most effective way to learn and get familiar with CTAF operations is to get out there and do them. The reality though for us is that jumping in a plane to acquire the skills is not really practical or cost-effective, so to achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost we have introduced VR flying into our school. The immersive nature of VR achieves this in a way that has had results beyond even our greatest expectations.
 Procedures we practice in VR are
  • ERSA familiarisation
  • Special procedures
  • Local rules
  • VHF radio calls and frequencies
  • Altitude selection
  • Circuit leg positioning
  • Location referencing
  • Departure procedures
  • Inbound procedures
  • Joining procedures
All of our students spend time practicing CTAF operations with great success so we are now introducing clinics for current pilots who want to do a bit of a refresher. If you don't feel confident enough to operate out of an aerodrome but would like to, get in contact with us to arrange a session
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