Universal container with flight deck

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Lightweight, a simple and elegant container for paramotor or free flight use.
Includes an optional flight deck with space for two instruments.
The Universal container has multiple attachment points to accommodate mounting on most paramotor frames/harnesses.
Available in 2 sizes to cover all sizes of APCO reserve parachutes


The Universal Container is available in 2 sizes:

80016: SMALL is suitable for:

  • Mayday Superlight (SLT) 16/18/20
  • Mayday Light (LT) 16 & 18
  • Mayday Classic (MD) 16
  • Other reserves ranging in volume from 3000cc to 5000cc

80017: LARGE is suitable for:

  • Mayday Light (LT) 20
  • Mayday Classic (MD)18 & 20
  • Guided Mayday GMD & GMD SLT
  • Mayday Tandem (BI)
  • Other reserves ranging in volume from 5000cc to 6500cc

The Universal Container is fitted with a bright colored, large handle, easy to spot, easy to reach, especially in an emergency situation!
It is designed for both use by paramotor pilots or free flying pilots and is fitted with multiple mounting possibilities for left or right handed deployment.


Read more https://www.apcoaviation.com/product/80016-17_light_universal_external_container_for_mayday_range/

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