SLT Harness

Sales price $ 660.50
Hook in point
Light universal bridle
Side mounted zipped E.P. container
Side pocket zipped for all p/m harness
Universal paramotor pod
mirror kit
Radio pocket
Deployment handle
installation charge for mayday in harness
SuperLight (SLT) universal paramotor harness is the most advanced and feature packed paramotor harness on the market.
It is also the only fully certified paramotor harness on the market, having passed both EN and LTF standards, including strength and protection tests.
Designed for the optimal balance between maximum comfort and minimum weight, it will suit pilots who demand the absolute best.
The SLT Low will fit most low attachment paramotors on the market today, improving safety, ease of use and overall flying experience.
This new generation improves on all aspects of the harness.
The shape has been refined for additional comfort. A larger front flap has been incorporated for easier running and more support during flight.
Seat weight has been reduced using a lightweight polycomb material for the seat board and front flap.

Improved safety features have been incorporated, taking into account different frame geometries.

The shoulder scuff guards are replaceable – For paramotor manufacturers there is a custom branding option for these.

The main options available for SLT Low:
  • Emergency parachute container can be zipped on either the left or right side of the harness.
  • Additional accessory pocket can be zipped on either the left or right side of the harness.
  • Safety straps attach to the CG (Center of Gravity), running under the seat – will protect in case of any side arm failure
  • Ball bearing speed bar pulleys (smoother, lighter use of speed bar)
  • Paramotor pod compatible
  • Paramotor airbag compatible
  • Replaceable shoulder cover for custom branding
  • Replaceable abrasion resistant shoulder cover for wear and tear replacement – pull start cable damage
  • Fuel gauge mirror.
  • Wonderbar (speed bar)

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