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Battery box

SAFE START MONITOR SYSTEM – Control of RPM in starting sequence of engine

PPG meter with a graphic orange backlit display

  •  without battery for paramotor with electric starter
  • with battery box for AAA battery

Functions of  PPG meter 

  • RPM
  • Start monitor systém – security of engine start
  • 2 x temperature – 1200°C or 2192°F
  • Engine timers x 4
  • Fuel level - liter or gallon
  • Fuel flow – liter or gallon
  • Voltage
  • Maximum values of temp and rpm
  • Alarms – temperature, RPM, minimum and maximum voltage,  battery, fuel level

Two buttons on the front panel :

  • ENT - enter -  long push for input to menu and change values - short push for a skip in the menu
  • ESC – escape - backspace

PPG meter automatically starts by RPM sensor or by long push of the ENT button

Technical parameters and installation:

Power supply: 5-20V

Size of display module:        60x37x15mm

Size of measuring module: 60x28x11mm

Size of battery box:              63x48x15mm

Length wire between display and measuring module: 130cm

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