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Knowsley Airpark, Australia's first Paramotor dedicated School.

Knowsley Airpark is the first Paramotor dedicated school in Australia. Focusing purely on what makes PPG great, servicing the Melbourne and Victorian community.


  • Foot launch PPG certificate.
  • Wheelbase WPPG certificate.
  • PG to PPG conversions.
  • Tow endorsements.
  • VHF radio endorsements.
  • Cross country endorsements.
  • Non towered aerodrome procedures clinics.
  • Trial introductory flights in our 2 seats Freshbreeze trike are available to experience what a thrill it is to fly these incredible machines.
  • 1/2 or full-day sessions.
  • Online booking system.

Where is Knowsley Airpark you ask yourself??

We are located just over an hour and a half from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Nestled on our private 100-acre property, with bush camping available to our students and a 800M runway its all about aviation.

Being north of the Great Dividing Range Knowsley enjoys a wonderful microclimate providing far more flyable days than further south.

Why go to Knowsley Airpark for your training, most of the training facilities are the same aren't they?

Every pilot's training experience is a unique journey. Every student is an individual with different strengths, different physical abilities, and an individual approach to learning earned from a lifetime of experience.

At Knowsley Airpark we have decided it's time to change the delivery of training to suit the individual

  • to allow each pilot to travel their own path to the sky
  • to recognise the huge drain 2 weeks of training can have on the family and working lives of busy people
  • to make the dream of flight not only more achievable but a more holistic and enjoyable experience.

It no longer makes sense for us to sign everyone up to the same two-week, intensive course. We love to fly, it’s our passion, and we want you to become a pilot that recognises that the completion of training is just the beginning of a lifetime of successful and safe aviation.

To become a certified Paramotor Pilot the Sport Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) requires you to complete a minimum of 20 hours of airtime, 30 flights over at least 12 individual days of training. With your dedication to the training, making sure you are both mentally and physically prepared and if the weather cooperates, this is very achievable.

Traditionally the course has been delivered in one solid 14-day block. At Knowsley Airpark we have recognised that most pilots don’t want to or ever can’t follow this path, they want to break the training up into less stressful, more enjoyable, time-sensitive, and financially manageable blocks. We have also found after running this course for many years that breaking the course up to allow students to recover from the physical/mental demands of the training has beneficial results on the safe progression of learning.

Training can be done on a day to day basis, weekdays, weekends, whatever suits your needs.

We also concentrate all your time on building skills toward flying a Paramotor. You do not require the ridge soaring or thermaling skills necessary for free-flying to gain your Paramotor Certificate so we do not waste your time” chasing the wind" traveling to different launch sites and Parawaiting for the right conditions to free fly. Our passion is motoring so that's what we do. We go Paramotoring. If you do however decide you would also like to have your non-motorised Paragliding Certificate, this can be easily achieved in a PPG-PG Conversion course at another time.

Pay as you go training fees

50% of the full course fee at booking and the balance before training commences is how the industry has always worked.

We don't believe that is fair so we introduced pay as you go training.

You only pay for your session at the end of the day. Spacing out the cost of training is fairer and makes the cost easier to balance with life's other expenses.


You can hire school gear or bring your own. If you are using your own equipment it must be airworthy and of a suitable rating for a new pilot.

We highly recommend you at least start your training before committing to gear. It's great to get at least a couple of flights under your belt before spending your hard-earned to make sure you end up with the right gear.

  • Inappropriate equipment is one of the main reasons new pilots drop out of the sport after training.
  • Having an opportunity to meet other students and pilots and talking to them about equipment helps separate sales hype from reality.
  • Even a few flights will help you decide what type of flying you are most interested in and assist with selecting the best gear for you.

The training day

Come Paramotoring with Knowsley Airpark!!!

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