Paramotor flying in compromised location
Engine outs

Modern Paramotors are pretty reliable but the day will come when it will stop, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going to be at a convenient moment of your choosing. The pilot pictured above is making some interesting decisions.

Fortunately, we can make choices that make an engine out a total nonevent.

  • Never fly over water beyond glide distance of land.
  • Have a way to contact someone to come get you.
  • If your engine is running rough or lacking power, land and assess the situation. An outlanding is cheaper than an engine rebuild.

In an engine-out situation, we need to prioritise what we need to accomplish first.

  1. Fly the aircraft and ensure you can make you landing area.
  2. Fly your aircraft, yep, it needed stating twice. More than one pilot has flown into the ground while being fixated on restarting their engine.
  3. If you are setup to land and you have at least 300 ft try to get a radio call out. Radio signals travel a lot further with altitude.
  4. If you have at least 500 ft it is ok to attempt a restart. Rember though it has probly stopped for a reason and a restrart may do more damage.
  5. Fly your aircraft.