FAI Colibri badge


Skill progression

You are licensed and have been getting some solid airtime in and are now asking yourself where to from here. We hear this a lot from new pilots and have been working on a way to help you solidify your skill, build confidence and get those all-important first couple of years under your belt.

Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t offer a skills progression system within the syllabus other than doing a Cross Country certificate. The Cross Country certification is pretty much the equivalent of an advanced Paragliding rating but we need something in between for pilots.

After extensive research we have settled on the Internationally recognised FAI Colibri badges as a way to formalise the progression of your skills.

Colibri badges are an international standard of achievement and efficiency and are the perfect way for you to add some direction and focus to your continued development as a pilot.


Being awarded a Colibri badge requires a registered observer to document you achieving the required proficiency. Beyond just observing though we provide coaching to help sharpen and hone your skills.

More info

For more info visit the FAI Colibri webpage https://www.fai.org/page/cima-colibri-badges