Paramotor and Recreational pilot training

Flying across our great land will transform your life

Foot launch paramotor training

Paramotor Foot launch

Foot launch Paramotors are the pinnacle of portable aircraft. Our flexible, tailored teaching focuses on helping new pilots achieve their Paramotoring dreams.

Wheelbase paramotor training

Paramotor Wheelbase

You will need a bit more space to launch and land but no running appeals to a lot of aspiring Paramotor pilots. More and more Paramotoring pilots are deciding to learn both.

Recreational pilots license

Want to go further and faster than the Paramotor. An RPC allows you to fly 2 seat aircraft up to a maximum take-off weight of 760 KG. Our Foxbat training aircraft is the Paramotor of the 3 axis world.

Paramotoring Tandem flights

Jump in and give Paramotoring a go right from the start. Take the controls or just enjoy the view, it’s up to you. We also use the tandem extensively in the initial stage of your training.

paramotor instructor course

Want to share the thrill and excitement of Paramotoring. Become an Instructor and help the next generation of aspiring pilots achieve their aviation dreams.

cross country endorsements

When you are ready to explore further and see what’s over the far horizon it’s time to get your PPG or Recreational Pilots Certificate Cross country endorsement.

VR CTAF airport procedures training

VR airport familirisation tarining

Want to launch your Paramotor from your local airfield but are a bit unsure or rusty on what do to. A CTAF refresher is perfect for you.

Online theory

Time on site at Knowsley Airpark is all about the practical aspects of Paramotoring. Our theory is taught online for your convenience.

Power2Fly Titan Moster 185 paramotor

online store

Visit our online store for all of your PPG equipment needs. Transparent pricing and shipping costs it is our mission to make PPG more affordable.

Our Paramotor mission

Knowsley Airpark is Australia’s first and only Paramotor dedicated training facility in operation. We focus purely on what makes PPG great, why teach you free flying when you want to motor, it just doesn’t make sense.

Never being happy to rest on our laurels we have now added Recreational Pilots Certificate training to our school. Woking in conjunction with Comfly Bendigo we can now teach you to fly a 3 axis aircraft with 2 occupants up to a maximum take-off weight of 760. KG

Our Chief Flying Instructor started flying light planes back in the mid-nineties, moving into Microlights in the mid-thousands. He then discovered Paramotoring in 2010 and has never looked back. This gives us a unique approach to teaching people to fly from nearly three decades of exposure to different aspects of aviation. As well as the benefit of learning from many different instructors in those various aviation sectors. Justin is the first and only SAFA Chief flying Instructor to not come from the free-flying community.

Industry leading tool and techniques

When we started our school we decided it was time to revolutionise the Paramotoring industry and to date, we are still the only school that has –

Pay as you go training

Pay for your session at the end of the session not upfront, making the PPG training more affordable.

Flexible online booking

We wanted to make it easier for you to schedule your Paramotor training around the other commitments in your life.

Self paced learning

Our job is to guide you on the path into the sky, it’s up to you how you get there. The old 14-day straight-through Paramotor course, which doesn’t guarantee you a license at end of 14 days anyway just doesn’t make sense in our modern world. Hit it hard or relax and go slow, it’s up to you.

Dual place training

Paramotoring is the only aviation sector that sends new pilots into the air with minimal and sometimes no dual place training. Our school completes all of your initial flight skill development with an instructor sitting right there with you. Experience has shown us that the student will develop the skillset required much faster with the confidence of having the instructor with them backing them up. So we practice turns, oscillation control, climbs and descents, circuit procedures, final glide, flare timing, and may even chuck in an engine out or two to really get you comfortable in the air before we send you up there alone.

online theory

We never want to waste good Paramotoring air sitting in the classroom and with advances in online training content delivery, it didn’t make sense to make you drive up here to sit in a classroom. So the theory is now completed where ever you happen to be at any time that is convenient to you. And our only question to ourselves has been why didn’t we do it earlier. We are delivering the theory component of your PPG course better than we ever have and every moment you spend will us is spent out on the training field. The added benefit is even though the training syllabus requires 12 days of tuition you only need as little as 9 days on-site as 3 of those days have traditionally been theory days.

online student logs

We have gone totally paperless. At the end of your PPG session, we do your logs online on your phone. Simple, quick, convieint.

stage 2 training

Your initial training is charged at a session rate but once you are Solo and working on consolidating Paramotor flights and airtime we only charge you for airtime. Why should you pay $330 for a full session if for whatever reason, be it weather, equipment issues, or just choosing to have a more relaxed morning you only log an hour in the air, we feel the hourly airtime rate of $82.50 is much fairer.


VR ( virtual reality ) airport training. The section of our syllabus and the area that is taught the least effectively traditionally in our sport is airfield operations. While it would be awesome to put students in our plane and go fly circuits it is prohibitively expensive. So, instead, we put you in VR. Students love this part of the training and after we do the structured part of the lesson they are always super keen to go explore on their own

We recognised it was time for a change to our industry and with the help and feedback from past and present students we have. Come join us and experience the Knowsley Airpark difference.

Our light sport aviation mission

Our flying journey has come full circle and we are now back into 3 axis aircraft, teaching students to fly aircraft registered with Recreational Aviation Australia.

When we purchased our Foxbat we fell in love all over again with airplanes. The Foxbat is the Paramotor of aircraft, tons of visibility out the windows, slow take-off, and landing speeds in amazingly short distances. The perfect teaching aircraft with its forgiving positive stability configuration.

If it’s calm it’s the Paramotor every time, then as the conditions get a bit rough or too windy to Paramotor, out comes the plane for a cruise somewhere or even to fly somewhere for lunch. The best of both worlds.


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